5 ways you will get hurt by your phone while exercising

Health exercise phone
It’s tempting to multitask: Watch videos while on the treadmill, texting between sets, or even checking Facebook feed while doing leg presses.

Health exercise phone
Work out!
It’s against your desires, because:

1) Technique suffers due to weakened concentration. Training with poor strategy is a phenomenal recipe for poor results and great injuries.

2) Pushing yourself becomes impossible Focusing on anything else than your regular workout makes it impossible to work your hardest. I do think that if you are not planning to do things properly and push yourself you could as well not undertake it at all.

3) Posture gets messed up. Using your phone is likely to slide the neck and around the shoulders forward. To counterweight your back has to round out and thus you have a terrible posture. Your muscles function best when you have a proper posture: Back and neck straight, looking forward, weight on top of your heels. Do you want to practice bad performance? Mind you we find people with position more attractive.

4) Can’t enter the flow so you can’t really enjoy something you aren't experiencing. Minimize distractions while training.

5) Sitting to swipe the telephone prevents active recovery. Walking, shaking and breathing deep is awesome for getting rid of excessive tension as well as the lactic acid in your muscles. Sitting yourself down and watching at a screen won’t get that done.
Yet another:

6) You won’t notice people who are around you and you fail to be inspired, learn a new challenge or be challenged by individuals around you.
Fixes for problems:

While using phone because feeling bored: Tweak your routine. You don’t need to take the treadmill for A quarter-hour or whatever you are going to do. Do something exciting and enjoyable (or torturous, whichever you want). If you don’t know how, get somebody else to do it. If work outs boring you are doing it wrong.

Tracking your pulse rate with your phone is okay (though investing in a watch is more convenient).

Listen to music, mp3 audiobooks or leave your phone within your locker. You will be fine. Do another thing at a time. Who knows, you may even find enlightenment without the constant distractions of your respective phone.